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Different gemstones in jewellery

How good are you at knowing your gemstones? Can you tell your Amethyst from your Tanzanite? We’ve picked some of our favourite gemstones for show and tell! Clockwise from top left: Agate (smooth and black), Aquamarine (sky blue and faceted), Amethyst (purple and can be faceted or cabuchon like the ones shown), Onyx (shiny and […]

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What is Agate? Agate is a variation of quartz that has very small crystals giving it immense variety in colours and forms, therefore the agate family is the most versatile of the gemstone families. Agate myths and folklore: Wearing Agate jewellery is supposed to strengthen, heal and protect. Moss agate is the stone of the […]

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We’ve had a few questions recently about where our diamonds are sourced. As we all know, nobody wants to discover they’ve bought conflict diamonds, so we’re here to reassure you! All the diamonds we sell are purchased from legitimate sources NOT involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. We hereby guarantee […]

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Black Agate is a beautifully smooth semi-precious form of quartz which can be polished to a very high shine.  It is believed to have a calming and protective effect on the wearer. The deep black elegance is looks as striking today as it did 4000 years ago when people first started wearing black agate jewellery, […]

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Ruthenium is a very hard and shiny precious metal from the platinum family of metals. It is very rare and is generally more expensive than both gold and platinum. Ruthenium is very durable and highly resistant to scratches due to its exceptional hardness. Because of its durability and high-tech radiance, it is quickly becoming the […]

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Charm Bead Bracelets These are the Pandora-style charm bracelets which hold charm beads. They close with either a magnetic clasp, or classic lobster clasp and the beads slide on and off. Charm beads can also be worn on a rubber or leather charm bracelet (below left) or a torque-style bangle (below right). The bangle has […]

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How to clean your silver jewellery Silver jewellery can get tarnished with exposure to sunlight, moisture or just from not being worn for a while. When silver is tarnished it loses all its shine and can become dark, almost black. We recommend cleaning your silver jewellery and especially silver charms with a silver polishing cloth. […]

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Different birthdays have different significance depending on cultures and countries, but this is our list of milestone birthdays and which gifts to buy to celebrate the occasion. First Birthday Even though a child won’t remember their first birthday, it is a great time to celebrate the first year of his or her life. Great gifts […]

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If Gold is the sun, then Silver is the moon. Mystical, cool, sacred. Since ancient times Silver has been closely associated with lunar influences. Indeed, for some civilizations, Silver had more value than Gold and even possessed religious significance. Silver has been prized for thousands of years because of its high metallic lustre as a […]

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I was given my first ever jewellery box when I was about 7 years old, and it was a true treasure. It was only really cardboard covered in pink patchwork paper, with a fuzzy pink lining and a plastic ballerina which twirled to the tune of Lara’s Theme from Doctor Zhivago, but my 7 year old self thought it […]

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