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Ivanka Trump's Fashion and Jewelry Line Is Now Available on eBay

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Two major national retailers Nordstrom and Nieman-Marcus has recently announced about their plans to dump Ivanka Trump's clothing and jewelry collections. Nordstrom claimed that this decision is part of their marketing strategy and is a way to increase sales of the Trump brand. So currently this fashion line is available with huge discounts at stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. For instance, you can find the brand's clothing lines at 49 percent off at Saks Off Fifth. It should be noted that there wasn't any signage with the name of the Trump brand in the store. And customers would come across Trump's apparel under a sign that read Calvin Klein.

If you are looking for some elegant and refined jewelry items you can find many exclusive designs in Ivanka Trump's latest jewelry collection that features rings, earring, necklaces, bracelets and more. The new collection is designed with a focus on versatility so women could flaunt the jewelry both in the office and on special occasions. For example, the collection features beautiful double-layer necklaces that you can wear together or apart and two-in-one earrings that look great as studs and drop styles. These stylish jewelry items are just perfect for any woman and every occasion.

In addition to these stores that offer great deals on Ivanka Trump's apparel and jewelry we recommend checking out eBay. There you can find new blouses for $2.00, a pair of sandals for just $6.99 (their original price was $140.00), as well as many items from Ivanka Trump's fine jewelry collection inspired the vibrant streets of Havana. Search eBay for Ivanka Trump's Cuban inspired jewelry created in a rich palette of cobalt blue and rose gold. This jewelry line is distinguished by beaded accents, geometric shapes and plenty of smart solutions. For instance, necklaces have built-in layers that enable you to wear them together or separately, so you could easily make your look a little bit different for every event or occasion. The best part about shopping at eBay is that you can get all these amazing products at ridiculously low price. Plus, if you apply the eBay 20% off code to your online purchase you will be able to get the designer jewelry items at the best price possible.

After Donald Trump became the President of the U.S. there has been much skepticism concerning the Trump brand. The name has become too politicized, and this caused sales to drop significantly. Some retailers even decided to drop Ivanka Trump's fashion line.

However, now, many Ivanka Trump products are being offered for sale in the stores under a new name: Adrienne Vittadini. You may wonder how it could become possible. First of all, you should understand that Ivanka didn't own or manage the business that produced her fashion line. She just licensed the use of her name to the company manufacturing and distributing the line. So when the sales dropped, the negative impact on her business was in cheapening of her brand rather than a loss of sales or a smaller return on inventory.

The company who experienced great losses is the licensor of the name, G-III. In their effort to minimize the losses G-III rebranded the clothing to Adrienne Vittadini without Ivanka's knowledge and sold it to discount retailer Stein Mart.

It should be noted that the practice of rebranding is not new. Of course, it is a controversial issue from a moral point of view. And Ivanka will probably not receive any license fee as the products don't bear her name any more. After the deal has been disclosed G-III came up with a repentant statement that absolved the Trump brand of doing something wrong.

Since many high end brands don't want to be associated with deep discount stores they sometimes may resolve to this practice. It is natural that business owners want to make money and there is nothing wrong about it. But when someone bearing the name of Trump is involved in something like that, the stakes are much higher and emotions can get the better of common sense.

It is a matter of personal preference whether to purchase or refuse to buy the Adrienne Vittadini line. But we can't deny the fact that they're clothes that Trump's company approved or designed, even though the items offered for sale may not bear the Trump name.