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"Accessories are what makes or marks a Woman"

Coco Chanel

The Most Popular

1. The Diamond - if you couldn't figure this out you might be living under a rock. The diamond is the most popular gemstone in the world. This colorless gem sparkles, dazzles and even comes in various colors. If the traditional clear colorless is not your thing, try blue, yellow or the rarest red.

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The History of Diamonds

Once man dug up earth and discovered diamond, the beautiful gem has only risen in demand. No one knows the exact where abouts of the first diamond discovery but historians rumor that it could have been India or somewhere close by due to the country's vastly rich history with diamonds, precious stones, and fine jewelry.

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What Gemstones to Pair Diamonds With

Traditionally diamonds have been used to adorn fine jewelry. But not everyone knows that diamonds look great when paired with other gemstones. To make the beauty of gemstones last longer jewelers have encrusted their works made of gold and platinum with diamonds, creating stunningly beautiful designs. For many centuries diamond served as a center piece gem in statement jewelry items. (read the article - The Most Expensive Rings) However, now many jewelry stores offer a wide selection of fine jewelry pieces featuring diamonds in combination with other precious stones.

The idea of pairing diamonds with other gemstones appeared during the art deco period. This was the time when everything "traditional" was discarded, and the period is characterized by the creation of bold pieces with a distinct oriental touch. These days we can also see similar styles in jewelry design. Until the early 2000s, diamonds prevailed in jewelry design, but now there is a great variety of pieces where diamonds are artfully combined with ruby, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, spinel and other precious and semi-precious stones. Adding these gemstones not only helps decrease the cost of the jewelry piece but can also significantly enhance its aesthetic value. (read the article - Diamonds)

What Color Suits You Best?

Pairing two gemstones will work only if their colors match. So it is always safe to choose white diamonds as the primary gemstone. Then the natural question that arises is which color of the other gemstone to choose.


If you want to combine white diamonds with the gemstone of blue color your best options are sapphire, aquamarine, blue topaz, and tourmaline. They all make great statement pieces that you can show off on special occasions and are just perfect for an engagement ring. You may not even choose a different stone and pair white and blue diamonds in gorgeously beautiful set of earrings and a pendant.

SteelOrchids | Blue Gemstones to Pair Diamonds With

Pink or Purple

If you would like to add some pink or purple color to the charming shine of white diamonds rose quartz, ruby, amethyst, tourmaline, and topaz are the stones to opt for. Most jewelers use a larger diamond with a fine cut in the center and then pair it with some flawless gemstones of pink or purple color. For earrings marquise, oval, and pear shapes are commonly used. When it comes to engagement and wedding rings princess, emerald and cushion cuts are the most popular. By the way, emerald, oval, cushion and pear are just perfect for combination setting. Jewelry pieces of such shapes make great wedding and anniversary gifts, and can also serve as good investment purchases. If you are on a budget you can choose a ring with a clear Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by amethyst or kunzite. Incorporating semiprecious stones makes it possible to decrease the cost of the jewelry item without sacrificing the beauty or the style of the statement pieces.

SteelOrchids | Pink Gemstones to Pair Diamonds With


The most widely used gemstone of green color is, of course, emerald. But the jewelry items featuring only fine cut diamonds and emeralds are the most expensive. Luckily there is a variety of other green gemstones to choose from, such as peridot, sapphire, tourmaline, garnet and alexandrite. Many stores offer beautifully designed wedding rings featuring princess cut clear diamonds combined with smaller green diamonds. Such a ring may cost around $3,000. Plus now various jewelry stores offer the opportunity to redesign your own wedding ring.

SteelOrchids | Green Gemstones to Pair Diamonds With

Yellow or Orange

Yellow color symbolizes generosity and secrecy. Yellow stones commonly used in jewelry include beryl, topaz, citrine, spinel and chrysoberyl. All these stones are widely used to adorn wedding rings and other pieces of jewelry. They look great with a round cut and often complement the central white diamond. Typically you can find yellow stones in pendants or earrings rather than rings. Yellow diamonds are very rare and therefore are extremely expensive.

SteelOrchids | Orange Gemstones to Pair Diamonds With


Today modern technology allows setting one gem inside another precious stone. (read the article - Fashion Line). Due to this new trend jewelers can create exclusive pieces of jewelry with a blue diamond set within a pink one, for example. The process is rather complicated, but the result even exceeds all expectations. It's a common practice to set a diamond within a semi-precious stone like tourmaline or spinel. Another popular design is the diamond in mother-of-pearl. Such exquisite design adds a distinctive royal art deco feel to the pieces of fine jewelry.