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Jewelers of America

More than a century ago, in 1906, Jewelers of America was founded by jewelers for jewelers, with a desire to advance the professionalism and ethics of the jewelry industry.

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How to Protect Your
Jewelry Business?

No one is more passionate about jewelry than a company founded by jewelers.

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Find an American
Gem Society Jeweler

Select a state or search by zip code to locate American Gem Society Jewelers or Appraisers nearest you. Outside of the US, you can find Jewelers In Canada or in Mexico.

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Learn more about
Cartier Jeweler

The company designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches. Founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, the company remained under family control until 1964.

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Jewelers sell a wide range of products made from a variety of materials.

In regards to watches some jewelers sell watches and other timepieces in addition to traditional jewelry. The watch is typically sold by jewelers differ from those sold in traditional stores as they are usually made from precious metals like silver, gold and white gold (read the article - Metals). These watches often contain stones like diamonds to make them pieces of beauty and high-value (read the article - Diamonds).

Some jewelers focus on selling jewelry that features diamonds and others specialize in selling engagement rings. Buyers looking for a diamond engagement ring should choose a diamond company since they have a large variety of stones in different sizes and colors.

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Ceramic or beaded jewelry are usually not sold by high end jewelers but are often crafted by hand. These pieces can have more of an intricate look and more casual aesthetics than finer jewelry.

Jewelers offer customers a range of extra services in addition to selling pieces of jewelry or doing simple repairs.

Some jewelry stores have the ability to analyze a piece of jewelry a customer already has and then tell them the worth of that piece. Many of these companies will purchase jewelry from customers are accepted as a trade-in for a new purchase.

Jewelers also specialize in jewelry for refurbishment specializes in refurbishing old, antique and vintage pieces of jewelry (read the article - What is Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewelry?). This goes beyond simply fixing jewelry that is broken and these companies can take pieces that have been weathered and restore them as if they were new. This refurbishment often takes a very skilled craftsman.

Jewelers may offer consumers customization services. To customize jewelry, customers can do a range of things like getting the jewelry engraved with the monogram or designing a unique combination of stone and metals plus resizing.

Jewelry companies often offer customers warranties to protect the goods they purchase. There are many types of warranties that cover products for certain periods of time. Lifetime warranties offer lifetime guarantees for the jewelry for its life. This means that if it breaks, tarnishes or becomes damaged, the company will replace or repair it at no cost the customer. Some companies offer customers insurance policies along with the jewelry, thus if something happens to the piece they purchase, the policy will reimburse them for some of the cost. Most jewelers offer a guarantee of some kind for new pieces of jewelry that is a limited time guarantee. This means that the customer has a certain amount of time during which a jeweler will replace or restore broken or tarnished jewelry.

Jewelry companies often have a variety of staff on board. These can consist of artisans and engravers, gem experts and a customer service team. Jewelers hold a number of certifications that prove their level of skill, dependability and service. Bench professional certifications declare that a professional is qualified to both sell and repair jewelry. GIA certification certifies the diamonds the jeweler sell are considered to have the strictest of grading standards. There are many academic degrees at jewelers can obtain including a BA in jewelry design.

Jewelry stores get their products from a range of different sources. Artisan jeweler's hand make each piece of jewelry. Some jewelers collect jewelry from estate sales and resell the jewelry to customers. There are many large, popular makers of jewelry throughout the world from jewelry designers such as David Yurman.

Jewelry is a popular gift for any special occasion, particularly romantic occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day and momentous events like graduation. Jewelers can help provide lecture gift items that are valuable and high quality enough to mark a very special occurrence. (read the article - Printing Jewelry)

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