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Coco Chanel

Investing in Silver

Everyone is familiar with the investing maxim "Buy low and sell high." It is a simple concept, but not easily pulled off.

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Silver Jewelry Industry
Market Research 2017

In this report, we analyze the Gold and Silver Jewelry industry from two aspects. One part is about its production and the other part is about its consumption.

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How to Clean
Your Jewelry

We recommend that customers remove jewelry before going to bed or participating in physical activity. Exposure to certain harsh chemicals or environments will result in compromising the integrity of your jewelry.

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Silver Jewelry as Improver ROI

Are you looking for a beautiful product that gives you a return on your investment, boost your sales figures and encourages repeat customers? If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't it really does exist and that is silver jewelry.

Many retailers have diversified into offering silver jewelry, whether stud earrings, pendants are theme designs. Gift and lifestyle retailers are improving their own stores performance sourcing silver jewelry collections at Jewelry and Watch.

SteelOrchids | Silver Jewelry

Quadri a lifestyle store has increased its range of silver jewelry to provide greater wow factor in the store. They are now seeing a regular trail of customers and a younger demographic that is looking for unusual jewelry designs (read the article - Jewelry Creation). Wearing gold plated silver and mixed metals is becoming very popular because it's a way of introducing gold at a more affordable price.

SteelOrchids | Gold Plated Silver Jewelry

The online gift retailer, Country and Home, describes the benefits of stocking equestrian team silver jewelry. They started with mainly men's gifts such as cufflinks but have been pleasantly surprised at how much the jewelry sells and the prices that it's bringing. They have plans to increase the jewelry collections in the years ahead and there is no better place to discover an array of British and international silver jewelry collections that the Jewelry and Watch 2017 show.

SteelOrchids | Silver Gifts

At the heart of the jewelry industry, jewelry and watch provides gift retailers with access to a number of silver jewelry labels, from independent designers to award-winning international brands (read the article - Jewelers). Some of the names to look out for in 2017 are charm brand Amulette, silver brand Azendi, Fiorello Silver and Gecko for affordable, trendsetting basics. Hot Diamonds and Jo for Girls.

One of the designers at Gecko notes that jewelry makes a perfect versatile gift for special occasions such as Valentines, Mother's Day and Christmas, as well as everyday gifting opportunities. There are many great looks on train at the moment that included easy every day looks that appeal to a wide customer base.

SteelOrchids | Silver Gifts for Special Occasions

The customer base has been shifting in the past few years in their acceptance and awareness of good quality well-designed jewelry (read the article - Fashin Line). Many brands including, Coeur de Lion will come to the Jewelry and Watch show and create a huge opportunity for the gift shop market to be able to offer its customers well-designed, competitively priced and more unusual items of jewelry.

There are some tips for retailers as you move into silver jewelry. Ask the designer or the brand about their bestsellers to gauge what will work in a store. Find out if they offer supporting point-of-sale and packaging to use for displays. Discuss prices but be aware that the lowest-priced silver doesn't always mean the best and you may encourage your customers to spend more on quality items.