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Top 20 Most Expensive
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Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what happens when said diamonds cost upwards of $1 million and beyond?

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15 Most Expensive
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Engagement rings that rival any celebrity's jewellery are now available on Amazon.

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The Most Expensive Rings

See Top 10 World's Most Expensive Rings

Any engagement ring reflects the love to the person who receives it. So every man tries to present the best and most attractive ring for his lover to be able to possess their heart and reflect his true love. Engagement rings come in all different shapes and colors and prices. Wealthy men when they purchase an engagement ring feel that the more pricey the more impressive it will be. It doesn't even matter whether the ring is beautiful or not. For some it's only about price comparing to other engagement rings that are sold previously. Here are the top 10 world's most expensive rings and their owners.

10. Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring - $137,200

SteelOrchids | Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring

It is a Garrard 18 karat blue sapphire engagement ring encrusted with white diamonds and was presented to Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton buyer has been Prince William who is the Duke of Cambridge. It is the same ring that was presented by Charles, Prince of Wales, to his wife, Diana, Princess of Wales in 1981. (read the article - Diamonds)

9. Anna Kournikova's engagement ring - $2.5 million

SteelOrchids | Anna Kournikova's engagement ring

It is an Argyle jewelers engagement ring with a pink pair cut diamond that weighs 11 carats with 2 trillion stones on its side. This ring was presented by Enrique Iglesias to his fiancee. (read the article - Jewelers)

8. Catherine Zeta-Jones's engagement ring - $2.5 million

SteelOrchids | Catherine Zeta-Jones's engagement ring

It is a Fred Leighton engagement ring with a white diamond, which weighs 10 carats and is surrounded by 28 smaller stones. It was given to Catherine from her husband Michael Douglas.

7. Jacqueline Onassis's engagement ring - $2.6 million

SteelOrchids | Jacqueline Onassis's engagement ring

This Lesotho III engagement ring is encrusted with a 40.42-carat diamond. It was presented by Aristotle Onassis and the ring was only worn two times.

6. Melania Knauss's engagement ring - $4 million

SteelOrchids | Melania Knauss's engagement ring

It is a Graff engagement ring encrusted with an emerald cut diamond, which weighs 15 carats. It was presented from her husband Donald Trump.

5. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring - $4 million

SteelOrchids | Jennifer Lopez engagement ring

It is a Neil Lane blue diamond ring presented by ex-husband Mark Anthony. The ring features a large diamond weighing 8.5 carats.

4. Grace Kelly's engagement ring - $4.06 million

SteelOrchids | Grace Kelly's engagement ring

This Cartier diamond engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond that weighs 10.47 carats with two diamond baguettes on its sides. The ring was presented by Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

3. Paris Hilton's engagement ring - $4.7 million

SteelOrchids | Paris Hilton's engagement ring

It is a 24-karat white gold ring encrusted with a rectangle shaped diamond with two triangle cut baguettes around it. It was given from her ex-fiance Paris Latsis.

2. Beyonce's engagement ring - $5 million

SteelOrchids | Beyonce's engagement ring

It is the most expensive engaged ring presented in modern time. This Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring is encrusted with an octagon cut diamond that weighs 18 carats. It was presented by her husband Jay Z.

1. Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring - $8.8 million

SteelOrchids | Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring

The most expensive engagement ring in the entire world was presented by her husband Richard Burton. It is a dazzling ring encrusted with a large Asscher cut Krupp diamond that weighs 33.19 carats and is known as a pure and transparent diamond. The ring was sold at an auction by Christie's in December 2011 to an Asian collector.