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Where to Buy Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry has always had timeless appeal for finding these pieces at an affordable price can be difficult. Vintage jewelry can come in many forms whether it be an antique engagement ring or a cameo like one of your grandmother's. Without knowing exactly what you're looking for, you could end up overspending and have a major case of buyer’s remorse. You need to know how to find out where and how to buy vintage jewelry like the professionals.

Antique Jewelry

1.Avoid yard sales at all costs

Purchasing any secondhand case of fine jewelry should not be your standard. It takes skillful hunting in locations where you're likely to stumble across more than just one piece. Yard sales are not conducive to fine jewelry and the seller probably knows less about what they're selling than they need to.

2. Consider flea markets for treasures

Vintage Jewellery Headbands

Most big cities have a flea market. It is like a glorified yard sale but the difference between a flea market and a yard sale is that you are more likely to find a piece of fine jewelry here. The dealers tend to know more about the jewelry they are selling.

You will need to be confident in your ability to tell the difference between gold and gold plated.

You can really find a bargain here but you can also get ripped off since some dealers come to flea market only once and you may be their first victim.

3. Use layaway in antique shops

Cameo Antique Jewelry

Antique shops sometimes specialize in jewelry and it's a great place to shop. The dealers are knowledgeable they take great pride in their shop. This is a good place to find stunning fine jewelry heirlooms.

You will spend more money than you will at a flea market but you can always use a layaway plan.

4. Take a trip to an antique show

Every year there are typically gatherings of antique dealers from all across the country who set up to showcase their collections. This is a good chance to travel but not only do these shows bring quality dealers this is the place, to find a good piece of fine jewelry.

5. Search the Internet for deals

Vintage Jewelry Box

Three places on the Internet are good places to buy vintage jewelry. Etsy, Ruby Lane and eBay are Internet sites one should search. Each is filled with thousands of pieces and you can literally spend hours searching.

Etsy is primarily known for handmade items but half their website is filled with vintage items.

6. Do your research then bid at auction

This is a recommendation for a seasoned experienced antique hunter. One typically encounters high dealer premiums and they can be easy to overpay for an item. The dynamic of an in person auction is even more intense than online counterpart of Bay because it all happens very fast with little time to think. One needs to go early and personally inspect all the items you plan on visiting and make note of any conditions.

Now that you know the best places to shop, happy hunting. Make sure to always carry a jeweler's loupe and asked the dealer a lot of questions. If you have uncomfortable feeling with the dealer, avoid making the purchase.